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IbizaFoodie | May 3, 2021

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We interviewed Ismael Fernández, chef of Minami at UshuaÏa | IbizaFoodie

We interviewed Ismael Fernández, chef of Minami at UshuaÏa

What attrackted you to be a chef?

I have always liked to eat well, try new things, until today there is no product that has eaten and I have not liked. I come from the hospitality family and since I was young in the group of friends it was always me who cooked. I think these reasons led me to be interested in the kitchen.

How many years have you been giving yourself to the kitchen?

Since I was 19 years old I finished cooking studies.

Foto: Ushuaïa

What would you say is the most recognizable and genuine taste of Japanese cuisine?

For me the most recognizable flavor of Japanese cuisine is the Katsuobushi, it is the Japanese name for a food prepared from skipjack tuna or bonito of dry, fermented and smoked height. This product is known in chips and is the main ingredient of a dashi broth, the main base of the most important Japanese soups and sauces.

Characteristic umami flavor!

What dish should never be missing in Japanese cuisine?

A good Ramen Soup

What would you recommend to try someone who is going to eat Minami for the first time?

The sushi of our Sushi Chef Kuniaki Miyamura and the Sushiman team, is an authentic Food Porn experience.

Could you tell us where the inspiration comes from?

The inspiration of the Minami kitchen team comes and develops in the few moments of relaxation of a service.

Foto: Ushuaïa

What has been your most innovative creation in Minami?

Here I give the chevrons to my second cooking Carlos Ramírez, there are very good creations of him in our letter, although in the Minami creations we all participate, the whole team contributes, thinks and most importantly, sum.

Is it possible to merge products and kitchens keeping the essence of each one?

Of course it is possible, as well as fun and challenging.

Someday I will do something as close as possible to a potato omelette that is my favorite dish, with Asian products.

Do you have any predilection?

I’m going to get hungry, I’m going to make myself something to eat, hahaha.

Your favorite dish of Minami.

With all due respect and affection for the other dishes, my favorite dish is the Black Cod Pil Pil Miso, delicious dish that is in the restaurant menu from the beginning and that brings back good memories of my beginnings in Minami.