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IbizaFoodie | May 5, 2021

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What is the favorite food of the Human? | IbizaFoodie

What is the favorite food of the Human?

As good foodies, we have our taste preferences, our favorite dishes, ingredients in our recipes that never fail… But science always goes further and it answers questions like, what is the favorite food of Human?

Researchers at the University Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany focused on the chemical components of food in order to know the reason why there is a food that is best enjoyed by humans. After various experiments the scientists reached several conclusions that published on the magazine “Scientific Reports”.


We know you can’t wait… Our favorite food is french fries! To reach this conclusion, the scientist did different phases. At first, animal brain activity was observed at the time of eating, they denoted that eating foods containing certain proportion of fats and carbohydrates caused the increase in the level of dopamine -the hormone that is linked to pleasure-. The balance between fats and carbohydrates that cause this increase reaches dopamine fries contain what hence this companion is so irresistible.


We mistakenly believed that the most enjoyable foods are those with a high caloric value. But as these scientists have shown the pleasure derived from eating balance between fat and carbohydrates.

But it does not end here! The following food chips is the chocolate! It has a ratio of fats and carbohydrates approaches equilibrium of fries.


Already you have a good excuse to eat these two products 😉