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IbizaFoodie | April 16, 2021

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Seafood | IbizaFoodie

White Eivissa Beach Club, Mediterranean cuisine on the beach

April 1, 2018 |

Hello Foodies, today we want to talk about our recent visit to the Beach Club White Eivissa. Located in a unique enclave on the beach, facing the sea, it is an incredible place to enjoy the authentic Mediterranean cuisine in … Read More

“Fira des Gerret d’Eivissa” 2018

February 27, 2018 |

This weekend we’re going to celebrate the “Fira des Gerret d’Eivissa 2018”. Organized by the “Cofradías de Pescadores”, the event will give you the opportunity to try Gerret (caramel), a traditional fish in Ibiza and Formentera, in a traditional … Read More


February 27, 2018 |

Neither openings, nor flowers, nor closings, … this is the calendar that we like the most: The Peix Nostrum calendar Events of 2018. So take out the agenda and do not make plans on these dates. 🙂

A Son de Mar, Mediterranean menu at Marina Botafoch

November 22, 2017 |

Those who believe that the island closes in winter, or that Marina Botafoch is reserved for wealthy pockets, they are doubly wrong.

We have visited “A Son de Mar“, a restaurant located at Marina Botafoch, that is open all year … Read More

Tradición Samar the taste of the sea in Ibiza downtown

November 9, 2017 |

Located in a privileged location below the impressive wall of Dalt Vila we can find Tradición Samar. This new restaurant, opened in May 2017, offers a fusion of Mediterranean and southern cuisine. Its charming terrace is a perfect place to enjoy … Read More

Recipe: cuttlefish croquettes

September 4, 2015 |

New flavors, fusions, taste, pleasures… Foodies, the best thing about cuisine is to create new recipes and surprise your palates!

Today we are going to cook cuttlefish croquettes!!! We need:

  • 400 g cuttlefish
  • 500 g of onion
  • 1/2 l … Read More

The story of “Juan y Andrea” Restaurant

August 20, 2015 |

Until only a few days ago it was a luxury restaurant situated on what the travelers of the Tripadvisor portal ranked as the fifth most beautiful beach in the world. Today it has turned into a must-go for people who … Read More

Sachets crispy rice with seafood!

July 25, 2015 |

Today we are going to innovate in our kitchen. It’s time to be creative in the cuisine. Let’s to prepare sachets crispy rice with seafood! 🙂

We need this ingrendients for cooking this delicious dish:

– 300 grams of rice … Read More

Sofrit pagès, taste of Ibiza

November 11, 2014 |

Today we want to talk about a typical dish of these days, sofrit pagès is really well known in Ibiza.

In the past, we used as a dish for day- holiday among pagéses and today we … Read More

The best caviar in the world

November 4, 2014 |

If you still don’t know where caviar comes, I will say that it’s nothing more and nothing less than the roe of the female sturgeon fish.This fish habits in the fresh waters of the northern hemisphere, particularly in the rivers … Read More