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IbizaFoodie | May 7, 2021

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La gamba vermella de Eivissa entre los favoritos de los chefs de UMAMI | IbizaFoodie

La gamba vermella de Eivissa entre los favoritos de los chefs de UMAMI

¡Hello foodies! Today we interview the chefs of UMAMI, discover what their favorite ingredients of the island are!

When and how did you discover what you wanted to be chefs?

We are good food people, we love good food and since we were little we had to cook them, since our families did not have much time for it. That made us interested in the kitchen, but we still had no clear idea that we wanted to be cooks. That came with time.

How did you meet and how did the idea of ​​creating UMAMI come about? What does it mean?

We met at the cooking school in Valencia where we are both from. That’s where our relationship began. The idea of ​​Umami comes from several years ago.

The last years of our professional career we work together in the summer seasons. And we were able to carry our idea out. We understood each other very well when it came to taking the work forward and creating dishes.

Umami means that now we are really the chefs that we wear under the jacket, without anyone telling us how we should do our work.

Why Japanese cuisine?

Because we like it, it’s healthy, interesting … Mario was the first to start and specialized in this type of cuisine over time. Carlos started in traditional and market cuisine restaurants. By circumstances we started working together after a few years in the sector. And here we felt very comfortable and happy preparing this kitchen. We realized that this type of kitchen was growing quickly and we wanted to  learn as much as possible.

Which is for you the principal ingredient of Japanese cuisine?

Rice, fish and soy sauce .

What are the details that you intend to capture in the kitchen of UMAMI?

Let the senses be stimulated and that people enjoy what they can eat here. Do not leave the restaurant with indifference

If you had to choose 3 ingredients from the island, which ones would you choose?

The red prawn of Eivissa. The local fish, the peix nostrum. And the vegetables that we can find in our vegetable gardens.

What is the most important thing on a plate?

The equilibrium.


What would you highlight most about UMAMI?

The vision of being able to adapt a very reduced location to something much more than a take away.


Could you tell us your recipe for success?

Sacrifice, being oneself, hard work, and passion. Without leaving aside the phrase of … the organization is the key to success.

Is there any product that you discovered here in Ibiza and that you have incorporated into your kitchen?

Many fish, cost them, the flao …

Your favorite corner in Ibiza?

A corner in the beach of Las Salinas.